experience the 4 elements
AMADEO i-LOCK ST50: resistant to water, fire, dirt
and all climates

AMADEO i-LOCK ST50 in 4 Elements edition protects you against fire (over 850°C) for at least 30 minutes and is certified based on European Fire Certification EN 1634-1

Dirt- and dust-resistant

AMADEO i-LOCK ST50 in the 4 Elements edition is an all-weather edition and is based on EC Certificate of Conformity under EN 14846


highest quality confirmed by CE test. AMADEO i-LOCK ST50 fulfills the electromagnetic compatibility – it does not disturb other electronic devices or affect your health


the sensitive AMADEO i-LOCK ST50 4 Elements electronics are sealed hermetically to work reliably at -25°C to 80°C for world-wide outdoor applications


the AMADEO i-LOCK ST50 4 Elements edition even works under water for at least 30 minutes and more (exceeding IP68 requirements). For outdoor installations, kitchens, pharmacies, hygienic areas, which are cleaned with high pressure cleaners, AMADEO i-LOCK ST50 4 Elements is the only alternative

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