unique keys
make the AMADEO 3DS system the most powerful locking system worldwide!
world's first binary coded mechanical key
WORLD’S FIRST: binary coded mechanical key

The AMADEO 3DS is world’s first binary coded mechanical locking system. Inside the cylinder, every AMADEO 3DS key is scanned by 12 discs of 3 different types with 8 characteristics each. This results in binary coding with 12 x 8 = 96 bit encryption – world’s first binary coding of a mechanical locking system.

Negative query

The AMADEO 3DS system integrates world’s first negative query. The designated negative discs ensure that subordinate keys cannot be turned into superior keys by modification (drilling, milling, cutting). If a matching key is modified, the negative disc snaps and the cylinder cannot be unlocked.

Side scan

Due to spring-less use, the discs roll over the core’s curve and scan the key sideways –with very little shearing. Therefore, Keys can be used long-term for very frequently used doors without abrasion of the key or widening of the key canal (for example: central locking systems).

One key for all doors

The unique AMADEO 3DS wave key is a reversible key and can therefore be inserted from both sides. One single key can be used for all doors and locks (letterboxes, padlocks, airlocks, etc.) for private, office and hotel applications.

AMADEO 3DS – individual profile

To fulfill market needs and to be able to react to delivery situations and locking requests flexibly, the AMADEO 3DS system can be delivered in parts of completely assembled to bulk buyers. The key protection will always remain unchanged in this case.


AMADEO made all locking systems compatible to the reliable system module technology and is largely compatible with other, existing system modules.

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