timeless, reliable and elegant
Access Control solution

the AMADEO Wifi solution is based on 868MHz frequency only for security applications. Encryption through AES or 3DES makes communication safe. The wide range of real-time applications (validations, remote open and push notifications) support safe running of the system


i-LOCK ST50 optionally supports BLE 4.2 (Android 4.3) and offers industrial MobileKey solution. The real-time system guarantees quick pairing and response for almost barrier-free access

Adaptive design

choose handle (eg. elegant, industrial standard), material (eg. stainless steel, carbon), colour (eg. gold, black), finish (polished or satin) and optional mechanical emergency opening to fit your property’s style and needs

i-LOCK ST50 4 Elements exceeds IP68 requirements by days, is fire-proof and climate-resistant. Perfect for seaside installations and harsh climates. Certificates: IP68 (water-resistance), EN 1634-1 (fire resistance), EN 14846


battery: 3 years (+/- 1 year) of battery life due to energy saving mode. Information is stored in the lock and communicated to the AMADEO CLOUD via Wifi

mechanics: due to absorption of push-, pull- and torque forces within the handle, the escutcheon is largely protected and guarantees longevity

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