Check-in Solutions

Reduce traffic and pressure at the reception, offer maximised comfort, handle high-volume check-ins, and revalidate keys with any AMADEO access hardware, all while staying is in full control.


Online check-in

Speed up the check-in process

Automated e-mail or SMS

Guests receive an automated E-mail/ SMS after their booking has been confirmed, and submit their personal details via the MySkyAccess link provided.

Reception review

The hotel reception reviews these details. If the guest details and online payment are confirmed, a MySkyAccess key is sent to the guest when room assignment is possible (e.g. 2 hours before check-in).

Directly to the room

The guests walk directly to their room without going to the reception. The reception gets notified of the guest’s arrival when they enter their room for the first time.


Mobile Reception

One app with the power of a reception desk.

Check-in guests from anywhere

Reception operations no longer limited to the designated area. Handle high-volume check-ins by creating pop-up receptions.

Encode keys

Encode keys, check availability, check-in, and check-out guests right on your smart device.

No hardware needed

No proprietary hardware is needed.

Use standard devices

Install on smartphone or tablet, iOS or Android.

PMS integrations

Integrated with the biggest PMS platforms, with more integrations coming soon.


On-door Check-in

Key revalidation directly on AMADEO access hardware.

Avoid unnecessary processes

Avoid unnecessary processes for both guests and staff and reduce traffic at the reception.

Ideal solution for frequent users

Ideal solution for buildings which have users with specific cards, e.g., loyalty program, members, office, staff, students, etc.

Automatic permission updates

The user’s key is automatically updated after their access permission on AMADEO IntegrA has been modified, next time they tap their key on the AMADEO access hardware, without having to reprogram cards at the reception.

PMS integrations

Integrated with the biggest PMS platforms, with more integrations coming soon.