The Game Changing, Patented, Binary Coded, Digital, Mechanical Keys.


It’s Purely Mechanical, but It’s Also 96-Bit Binary Coded.

One Key For All

Make up to 25 user groups, and everyone gets ONE key only, Independent from the complexity of the locking plan.

Dynamic Locking Plan

If the locking plan changes, only the keys need to be updated. The already installed cylinders won’t change.

No Waiting

You can install the cylinders before thinking about the locking plan.

Reversible System

The patented FreeFlex key can be inserted in any direction. This feature is achieved without loosing key combinations.

Algorithmic Guarantee

Only you have access to your cylinders. No
one can copy a key without your knowledge.

Stock Management

Since the access information is encoded on the keys and not the cylinders, locksmiths can stock up cylinders and key blanks, and operate as a manufacturer.


It’s purely mechanical, but It’s also digital.

The AMADEO FreeFlex Planner allows for effortless planning, and provides real time order status, audit trails, and the overview of your locking system.

The cloud-based version allows orders to be placed and modified from anywhere.


The Installation Process

Every FreeFlex cylinder owner gets a FreeFlex account with 2-way authentication login credentials.

After installing each cylinder, the FreeFlex owner scans the QR code on the cylinder to add it to their account.

They can also take a picture of the cylinder, and add a name and comments for future reference. The GPS coordinates of the picture will also be saved. This makes cylinder management very easy.

At their convenience, the FreeFlex owners can then make their locking plan using any device, via the cloud-based FreeFlex software, and send their order to the locksmiths. 


Premium Quality Material.

FreeFlex keys and cylinders are entirely made of stainless steel.

They have high durability, are antihacking,
and are drill and tear safe.

NFC Chip

Optional Patented NFC Chip

Add an NFC chip to the tip of your key (patented), to give access to areas such as parking garages and gyms, and avoid handing out cards.