Simplified and Centralised Access Control Management


So much more than Door Open / Door Close

Key Management



Beyond Locks. Generate Revenue.

Adaptive Design

Integrations are key for seamless operations and generating revenue, and managing them should be quick and simple.

Enabling and disabling integrations with AMADEO is as easy as clicking on install/ uninstall. Services become immediately operational after downloading.

Every AMADEO solution and
technology partner can be
downloaded as an app in the AMADEO App Store.

This allows you to personalise
your AMADEO solutions to
your unique needs with one click.


Use AMADEO IntegrA to
generate revenue by sending customised offers and push notifications to your guests before and during their stay. 

Promote your restaurant, bar, and other services, or send special offers based on room categories and loyalty membership levels.

Gain insights from artificial intelligence on your popular services among guests, and offer these services as packages to future guests who have similar taste and preferences. 

Smooth Operations

AMADEO is Cloud-based and allows for live portable monitoring on any device via the internet. Moreover, there is no fear of data loss in case of server failures.

AMADEO’s artificial intelligence powered self-healing features will solve issues before they become noticeable and affect the operations.

IntegrA is always on the watch and keeps managers in the loop via automated reports and notifications.