Without having to download an app, let your guests access your property, discover the services, receive notifications, chat and send requests to you, all via their phones and encrypted communications.


So much more than a key.

All requests via the guest’s phone:

Green planet

Do not disturb

Makeup room



Inform your guests via notifications:

Come to the reception

Laundry is ready

Your room is cleaned

Managed by
AMADEO Integra

Corporate Identity

Contact / Card Free Access

User Friendly


Apple & Android

Tap and AMADEO will take care of the rest.

Unlocking superpower

Access to properties has never been easier. With the NFC powered technology, users simply tap their smart phones/watches on the access hardware to enter, without touching a button or turning their screens on.

Lock Screen notifications

Users get notifications from you right on their lock screen, e.g., “room cleaned.”

Nothing to download

Upon receiving the booking confirmation, the wallet keys are automatically sent via E-mail and/or SMS. All request and chat functions are available by flipping the wallet key card.


MySkyAccess Lite

A powerful tool for the hospitality industry.

Easy Access

Give your guests the comfort of accessing your property with their smart devices, without the trouble of downloading anything. Upon receiving the booking confirmation, send an automated E-mail and/or SMS with a Sky Access link to your guests, and activate the key when room assignment is available.

An effective upsell tool

Sky Access acts as your centralised point of contact with your guests. Allow your guests to discover and order your properties services at one glance, in the comfort of their homes, before they even arrive.

Limitless customization

Use the intuitive AMADEO Content Manager feature to show all your services to the guests, and customise the interface to
incorporate your corporate identity, pictures, logo, room service menu etc.

All you need is internet

All functions work over Wifi, so your guests can enjoy the Sky Access features using any device with an internet connection.

Online check-in / check-out

See AMADEO Check-in solutions. 


MySkyAccess Native

Offer a native app to your frequent or long stay guests, with all the features in the MySkyAccess Lite.