Why choose AMADEO Systems?

Because we offer:

             • BEST QUALITY

             • BEST PRICE

             • BEST PERFORMANCE

Ultimate Access Control

With the AMADEO keycard system, you can control all Access Points in the building, from the sliding gate outside to the main entrance door, the staff entrance, the warehouse door, or even the dressing room door.

With AMADEO’s Cloud-based system, you can manage authorizations for guests, patients, employees, visitors and vendors locally but centrally.

The scalability of the system guarantees optimal protection from a single door up to 100.000 doors.
The unit can be 3DES, AES, up to 128-bit encrypted, and is therefore effectively protected against copying.

The information is read from the locks, the Wallreaders and subsequently by the system, which compares the data to the stored white list.

The door lock or Access Manager uses an inductive wake-up mechanism to activate the lock in case a keycard is approaching the lock.

Those devices can work in real-time or almost real-time mode, depending on the use case.

Real-time hardwired online

AMADEO’s wide range of products allows real-time hardwired online Access Control for quick and efficient process changes.

Access Control in the building management system requires large and flexible Access Control solutions, which are provided by AMADEO Access Managers and AMADEO Door Managers.

Almost real-time wireless online

Existing facilities where hardwiring could be problematic can be secured quickly and efficiently with AMADEO’s wireless online technology.

All i-LOCKs are battery operated. The battery pack lasts for 3 years (+/- 1 year depending on use) to secure the building wirelessly online.