ST50 4 Elements

resistant to water, fire, dirt and all climates



highly flexible, wireless door locking access control



made in Austria


For project owners and service providers, AMADEO i-LOCK provides a flexible and highly cost effective solution.


modern technology allows future growth or expansion

secure system with AES encrypted information

contactless readers reduce wear and tear and are resistant to misuse

compatible with smartphones and smartcards

hardware independent, giving countless design options

multiple lockcase options to suit all areas

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The AMADEO WALLET acts as a key ring and can store up to 30 possible MasterKeys. The app enables the user to manage the access grants even Offline, when no Internet connection is available. The smartphone itself is used as a “Smart Card”. The lock sends feedback and the app receives important information about the property such as: guest has arrived, who opens the door, door status, battery status, etc. Available for Android and iOS.
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AMADEO wireless keycard system works on a protected and safe frequency, which is only used for security products worldwide. The data transmission on this secure frequency is encrypted with a changeable crypto key. The used crypto keys are 3DES or AES. AMADEO’s proper protocol is not published and provides the wireless network with a special anti-collision protection. The AMADEO wireless system is suitable for properties of all sizes and works on low energy mode. Battery powered locks have a minimal impact on the battery life. The real-time feature allows downloads and uploads of all needed data from the management system to the security locks. The changeable AMADEO antenna system offers a secure investment!
AMADEO wireless system is one of the most advanced locking systems and supports significant building management systems through certified interfaces. Possible integrations in:
Door communication systems, alarm & video systems and monitoring systems.


Based on the latest web-technology, AMADEO’s team has over 25 years of experience in the electronic locking business. The AMADEO Cloud Access solution is a piece of the near future – how to manage your property 24h a day, 365 days a year. We use the latest mobile device technology to provide our clients with the best possible safety and security solution. iOS and Android have changed our way of connectivity dramatically in the past years. With new protocols, the communication between computers is easier and safer than ever before.
With help from our web service, our system uses the latest SOAP protocols and offers a huge support, regardless of the property’s size. From 1 door to up to 100.000, you can manage AMADEO’s system from any place at any time.
Each lock creates a direct channel to your smartphone via e-mail and reports the door status, battery status and burglary attempts.
Dual communication enables remote open and remote close of the lock when your smartphone is connected to the internet.

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